Premium Wi-Fi: What's Covered

Availability & Coverage- Rainbow Premium Wi-Fi is available to Rainbow Internet customers as part of our Internet plans. Each service comes with our commercial-grade, dual-band router. Additional mesh extenders if applicable at an additional charge. Premium Wi-Fi service covers replacing said equipment except for damage due to misuse or abuse. Rainbow does not support customer-owned equipment. With Premium Wi-Fi service, Rainbow will not troubleshoot the device but instead its connectivity to the Wi-Fi network by assessing the signal strength, signal interference, and in some instances bandwidth capacity. Wi-Fi speeds and coverage will vary based on the device connecting to the Wi-Fi network, distance from the router, number of devices on the network and “noise” from other electronics on the same frequency.

Installation - The standard initial install visit includes wiring to the router, advising whether wireless extenders are needed for Wi-Fi dead zones, setting and securing the Wi-Fi network, and assistance with connecting devices within the approximate one-hour installation. If wiring is needed for optimal placement of the router, additional time is needed for the install. Wiring for any devices beyond the router would be an extra charge of time and material, and a separate appointment may be required depending on service technician availability. Rainbow will make every attempt to locate the  in a centralized location in your home or business at the time of installation, maximizing the wireless reach.  In some cases, depending on the type of home or business, access to current wiring, or needs and opinions of the homeowner or business owner, there may be a need for additional equipment installed.

Connecting Devices- At the initial visit, the Rainbow Service Technician will assist by attempting to connect your internet devices with the exception of printers, scanners and copiers. If our technicians, with the help of the homeowner or business owner, cannot get a device to connect to the network, the homeowner or business owner must refer the problem back to the equipment manufacturer. Rainbow representatives can remotely help with future device connections with network user name and password assistance.