Posted on August 21, 2023

Things to watch out for when browsing online, scammers selling Internet Services!

Some of the top five things to look out for when you are browsing and come across a stellar deal are:

1. Make sure the poster is a reputable source! When you come across a post a lot of the time it has been targeted for you to see, to ensure you are looking into a real service we advise that you should do a little more digging on the person posting. If you click their profile you will quickly find out if they are real or not by the information displayed or the things being posted.

2. Check the post for an actual company that the person is working for. If the person is referring to themselves as a “sales representative for an Internet Service” then there is a large chance that this is a scam. If a reputable company is posting about having a deal or a special, they will include their branding and typically have links to more information on their website.

3. Errors in the post or message are another red flag to watch out for. Reputable companies spend a lot of time on their marketing and will typically vet a post multiple times before sending it out. This will prove as another way to spot a scam, if the message or post is riddled with grammatical errors there is a large chance that is a scam.

4. Form of payment is another red flag to watch out for. If you are asked to pay in cash or send money via wire transfer it is very likely that could turn out to be a scam. Also, cash or wire transfer is much harder to track than using a secure method such as PayPal or other similar services.

5. When shopping online or just in general always remember that there is such thing as too good of a deal. A red flag to watch out for is when there are posts that claim unrealistic dollar amounts or huge amounts of savings in one way or another. It is always a good practice to stay vigilant and research as much as possible before taking up any offers.