Sam's campaign reform "a cop-out"

June 1997 - Walter Mondale and Nancy Kassebaum Baker agree that Americans are turned off by political fighting that threatens to derail campaign finance reform. People don't believe their elected officials are serious about fixing the problem.

Sam Brownback advertised himself as a reformer, as part of the solution. Since he got in, he's changed his stance and become part of the problem.

Mondale and Kassebaum Baker call the system "dreadful." They've sent their reform recommendations to President Clinton and Congress in a letter that calls for "urgent debate leading to early and meaningful action."

Brownback's favorite proposal would just appoint a commission to study the problem and recommend campaign-finance changes for Congress to accept or reject.

Here's what Nancy Kassebaum Baker thinks of that: "It is a cop-out, really. We all look at a commission to put off what we should do."

Source: the Kansas City Star, "Old hands at campaigning now take up reform issue / Mondale and Baker give ideas for fixing a 'dreadful' system," James Kuhnhenn, 06/19/97
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