Sam: I didn't say that, and anyway I didn't know what I was talking about

Sam wants people to think he was always anti-abortion. But moderate Republicans and people who favor abortion rights remember when he was pro-choice.

In fact, even pro-lifers remember that. David Gittrich, Kansans for Life: "He changed his position."

No I didn't, Sam says, in effect. I was misunderstood. And I misspoke myself. And lately I'm consistent.

Or something like that. Look it up and read it for yourself.

Then he says, "I'm pro-life. This has been my position from day one," contradicting his earlier explanation.

More contradictions:

All this stuff is on the record. You can look it up.

Source: the Kansas City Star, "Position on abortion misunderstood, Brownback says / His thoughts on issue weren't fully formed in the past, he says," Mike Hendricks, 10/08/96
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