To our Rainbow customers,

As your local communications provider, we strive to bring innovative solutions for both entertainment and business purposes. Now a high-quality and less-expensive technology exists for watching TV by using an internet connection. In fact, most of our customers have chosen this route because watching video now accounts for 80% of our internet network traffic. Therefore, we have decided to focus our efforts on delivering the best internet experience possible, and end our TV service offering.

Rainbow TV service will end on June 30, 2020.

You’ve probably heard about streaming TV. Streaming is watching TV over your internet connection, and now with new applications, you can stream shows on television sets. While Rainbow will not be your TV provider moving forward, your new digital picture and sound can be delivered over our Rainbow internet service. When you combine our high-speed internet with HD-picture, the clarity will surprise you.

Even though this change may seem daunting, those who have already switched to streaming TV have noticed tremendous rewards, one being, savings of up to $600 per year. Rainbow is also committed to helping our customers achieve the best possible streaming experience with two essential services: Streaming Care & Premium Wi-Fi.

Helping our customers through this transition is vital to us. With this announcement, we are providing you, our valued customer, plenty of time to determine the best alternative TV service that best fits your household. If you prefer personal assistance in transitioning to a streaming TV service, our Streaming Care program will be available in February.  With Streaming Care, our representatives can help you select the best TV streaming service based on your favorite channels, recommend devices, and assist you in setting up your streaming devices in your home.

When making the switch to streaming TV, high-speed internet and reliable Wi-Fi become extremely important. We can evaluate your current wireless router, and upgrade you to Premium Wi-Fi along with a faster broadband speed for the optimal TV streaming experience.

Rainbow has been honored to be your TV provider through the years and looks forward to delivering a new exciting, inexpensive way to watch your favorite TV channels over our high-speed internet service. Below you will find additional resources to help you navigate through this change.

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