Streaming is the future of TV. We're here to help our valued customers navigate the change to streaming with helpful tips along the way. 

Our first streaming tip focuses on customer priorities. When signing up for a streaming service there are several things to consider.

  • What channels are most important to your family?
  • What type of streaming device do you want to purchase?
  • How much money per month do you want to spend on streaming services?

Streaming Services

We have created an in-depth streaming guide (available here) for our customers to compare some of the popular streaming services. Or, if you'd prefer to look at some streaming services at a quick glance, check out our streaming flyer below.

Streaming Devices

We found two streaming devices to be a customer favorite; Roku devices and Amazon Fire Sticks. Both of these devices are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Come see for yourself; all of our office locations have both devices set-up as an interactive display!

Roku has several current streaming device models. The models available change frequently, so we suggest to visit their site for the most up-to-date information. Roku's site will also be helpful in selecting the perfect device for your household. Some models are better for streaming HD & 4K content. In addition, certain models have a remote control that can pair with a TV to control the TV on/off and volume control. 

Most streaming services and devices are user-friendly, and you can learn a lot from visiting their websites. However, if you are new to streaming and would prefer personal assistance we can help you through the process.

Amazon Fire TV has a few different models, too. However, our recommendation is a Fire Stick. As with all technology, the models change frequently. Please refer to Amazon's website for the most up-to-date information.