High-Definition Receiver Options

The DTA HD Receiver

A Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) is a small box (slightly larger than a deck of cards) that is used to deliver digital TV service. It is an economical choice for customers that don’t want all the set-top box bells and whistles. With the DTA, customers are able to receive up to Bronze programming. The box functionality differs a bit from an advanced receiver. For example, the interactive guide and parental controls are limited on the DTA, whereas the advanced receivers have more options.

Call 800-892-0163 to see if you are eligible for the DTA self-install.  The DTA self-install is simple with only three cords to plug in.  A self-install instructional video and guide is included below.

DTA Self-Install Guide


The HD & Advanced HD Receivers

These advanced receivers give you crystal-clear picture and all the bells and whistles for higher level service plans such as the Silver, Gold and premium channel packages. The Advanced HD receiver has the additional DVR feature. The DVR feature allows you to watch TV when it’s convenient for you. Simply record you favorite show(s) and watch it on your time – also while fast forwarding through commercials! Our DVR service allows you to record two shows at once, so no more deciding whose show takes precedence. A win-win for the entire family.

Receiver Pricing

 During the all-digital upgrade, analog TV customers will receive equipment at no additional charge for a limited period of time.  The number and type of receiver and length of time will depend on the customer’s current TV plan.  After the promotional period has expired, the receiver rate will increase to the normal monthly lease rate.

Primary DTA HD Receiver - $5.95/month
Each additional DTA HD Receiver - $2.95/month

HD Receiver & Advanced HD Receivers:
Primary HD Receiver - $13.00/month
Additional HD Receiver - $6.00/month
DVR Service - $7.00/month
Whole-Home DVR Service - $12.00/month