What is the Digital Upgrade?

Rainbow TV service is going all digital! By providing TV service through a digital signal, the amount of bandwidth used is significantly reduced. Going to the all-digital system will increase bandwidth so Rainbow can offer Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps in the future. Overall, Rainbow will offer more choices, improved services and ensure a better customer experience.

How does the Digital Upgrade affect me?

All Rainbow TV customers will need a set-top box on each television to receive cable TV service. If you have televisions that are not connected to a Rainbow DCX Motorola set-top box or a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) then you will need new equipment to receive TV service. 

Customers switching from analog to all-digital will notice these great features:

More than 225 Popular Channels: If you're currently on our analog system, you have access to limited standard definition (SD) channels and no high definition (HD) channels. Rainbow All-Digital TV service has twice as many channels including up to 64 HD channels. 

Interactive On-Screen Channel Guide


When should I upgrade to Rainbow All-Digital TV?

Due to the number of customers and service areas, the all-digital upgrade will be done in phases throughout the year. Analog service will end sooner for some customer segments than others, depending on the status of the equipment, service plans and geographic area. You will receive a notification in the mail about thirty-days before your transition period.  Once you receive the notification, please give us a call at 800-892-0163.  We will talk with you about how to get your house digitally fit and help you determine which receiver or DTA is best for your family's needs. The digital transition should be complete in 2017 and when it is, the analog system will be shutdown.

Any of your televisions that do not have a receiver will now require equipment, such as a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) to continue receiving TV service.  Learn more about our high-definition receivers.

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